Immigration law

All attorneys practicing at Alt attorneys are specialized in the field of Immigration Law. Through the years our attorneys have acquired expert knowledge and built up extensive experience in the field of Immigration Law which our attorneys bring into practice on a daily basis. Filing residence applications, the waging of objection procedures, district court and supreme court appeal procedures as well as filing an international complaint procedure at the European Court of Human Rights are all a part of our daily practice.

Our attorneys can offer you a wide range of services. Among the many services our firm can offer you are:

Applying for:

  • Short-stay visa (tourist visa, family visit or business visa)
  • Entry and residence procedures TEV (temporary residence permit)
  • Residence permit for the purpose of family reunification
  • Residence permit for the purpose of work (joint application with the work permit)
  • Residence permit for the purpose of self-employment (by means of the point system or International Friendship Treaties)
  • Residence permit for the purpose of highly skilled migrant
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Residence permit for a fixed period
  • Dutch citizenship
  • Renewal, amendment

Our attorneys are furthermore equipped to represent you or your business in litigation disputes with the Immigration service (or one of the related government bodies). One can think of one of the following matters:

  • Revocation of a residence permit
  • Denial of a residence permit
  • Proceedings against fines imposed by the Dutch Labor Authority for illegal employment (WAV fine)
  • Lifting of a detention order (detention of illegal aliens)
  • Elimination of an undesirable alien declaration
  • Lifting of an entry ban
  • Lifting of an imposed return decision
  • Lifting SIS alert
  • Aliens detention and deportation cases

For questions about immigration law and what services our firm can offer you, please call our office (003120 6161487), or send us an email ( We are happy to assist you in any way we can!


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