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For admission as a self-employed entrepreneur the applicant must show that his/her business activity serves a Dutch (economic/cultural) interest. This could be because the business is an innovative company, or to exercise a specific profession. To answer the question of whether the presence of a self-employed entrepreneur serves an essential Dutch interest, in many cases, the advice of various ministries is important.

For the assessment of an application self-employed residence permit the Immigration service will seek advise from National Office for Entrepreneurial Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland or ROM), a directory of the Ministry of Economic affairs. There is a point system that forms the basis for assessing whether the business activity serves an economic interest. Points are given for three categories:

  • Personal background of the entrepreneur: education, the economic position and activities to date, and the experience with the Netherlands and the Dutch economy.
  • The substantiation of ideas and plans in the business: organization, the production/service, market potential and funding plan.
  • The contribution to economic activity in our country in the form of innovation (in product, process, and market activity), employment creation and investment.

To be eligible for a residence permit as a self-employed entrepreneur, the applicant for each category at least 30 points must be gained, for a total of at least 90 points. For each category up to 100 points can be gained.

In recent years there is increasing focus from the Dutch government on highly qualified small business start-ups. These are businesses with no employees with low initial investment. These residence applications had little chance of success in the past because there are little to point be gained in the third category. For this group the IND states that if in each of the first two categories 45 points are scored, the third category will be disregarded. Additional requirement for this exception is that applicant show he/she is highly educated, ergo an academic degree.

If the applicant is an artist (artist, musician) by the IND will ask advice from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science whether Dutch cultural interest is served with the approval of the alien. In case of a sports teacher recommendation from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport will be asked for by the IND.

Holders of the so called EU longterm residence permit enjoy lenient admittance requirements for the self-employed entrepreneurial permit. For this group of applicants the points system is not applicable. For a holder of an EU longterm residence permit it is sufficient that one shows that he/she is able to sustain oneself with their business to obtain residence as a self-employed entrepreneur. Ergo the applicant shows that he/she will be able to generate a gross profit which is a least equal to the minimum wage standard.

The application for self-employed entrepreneur is very complex application procedure and has a very high initial denial rate. Proper assistance and representation for an application as this therefore necessary. Over the years our firm has acquired the needed expertise and experience to increase your chances of a successful application. We realize very well that this application demands a multiple disciplinary approach, not only legal expertise is needed but amongst others financial and fiscal knowledge is a must. Our network of reliable and respectable specialists in their respective fields will be at your disposal, giving you the full service your application needs.

We are happy to assist you in obtaining the permit as a self-employed entrepreneur. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (020 616 14 87).


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