Business visa / Orange Carpet

For business purposes, a Schengen business visa can be obtained with a maximum up to 90 days. After a a stay of 90 days, the person must remain at least stay 90 days outside of Schengen before access based on a business visa can be obtained again.

With a business visa, the person can come to the Netherlands for conducting business meetings or attending meetings, but for the performance of work, even for a short period, prior permission from the UWV (Dutch Labor Authority) should be asked for.

Under conditions of a multiple entry visa can be obtained from the Dutch embassy. This is a visa issued for a longer period in which the applicant does not need to re-apply again for a business visa every time he/she wishes to enter Schengen. Please note that the person is not allowed to stay longer than 90 days of a 180 days in Schengen in the case of a multiple entry visas.

Note that for any intended stay over 90 days (out of 180 days) a residence permit must be applied for. The Dutch system does not allow short stay visas for period longer than 90 days.

Orange carpet program

Foreign companies with offices in the Netherlands, or Dutch companies with subsidiaries abroad, or foreign companies with an exclusive partnership with a Dutch company, can get business visas for employees under the ‘orange carpet program’. This program offers a simplified and quicker way to obtain business visa.

Advantages of the orange carpet program are:

  • a decision on the visa application within 48 hours instead of 15 days;
  • fewer documents to be produced;
  • no applications for each person individually;
  • opportunities for multiple entry visas;

For questions or assistance in applying for a business visa, please contact one of our attorneys, call (020 6161487) or  email ( We are happy to assist you!


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