Dutch Citizenship

Dutch Citizenship

There are several ways to obtain the Dutch nationality. If you have not acquired Dutch citizenship through your parents, you can conditionally acquire Dutch nationality by option or naturalization.

The option procedure is the fastest and easiest process, but is only reserved for a limited group of people.

The naturalization process takes up to a year. Conditions for submission of an application for naturalization are that you have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands, staying a minimum of five years based on a non-temporary residence status. This period is reduced to three years if you are married to a Dutch national or cohabiting with a Dutch citizen. You also need to have passed the naturalization exam. In the vast majority of cases the applicant is required to renounce his or her old citizenship. However, this does not apply to persons who are married to a Dutch national.

There are plans for the to extend period after which a naturalization can be applied for from five to seven years of lawful residence in the Netherlands.

Altattorneys can advise you on questions related to obtaining the Dutch nationality. We can also assist you if your application for Dutch citizenship was rejected. Call us at (020-6161487) or send an e-mail to (info@altadvocaten.nl)


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