EU long-term resident

For an EU long-term resident it is under EU Directive 2003/109 possible to qualify for a permanent residence permit with an EU mark. With this , the EU long-term resident may under conditions obtain residence in one of the other EU Member States, more specifically in one of the other Schengen countries.

To be eligible for a residence permit as an EU long-term  resident you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • You have at least five years continuous stay in an EU country with a valid residence permit;
  • You have stable and sufficient income;
  • You have health insurance.;
  • You need to have passed the civic integration exam (unless you are exempted) and
  • You are not a threat to public order.

Persons whose permanent resident status is granted as an EU long-term resident, enjoy extra protection against any expulsion decision. Conduct that justifies expulsion, should form a genuine and sufficiently serious threat to public order or public security. It is furthermore for an EU long-term resident easier to obtain residence in one of the other Schengen states.

The family members of long-term residents can join them in the second EU country of residence on condition that they already have formed a family in the first EU country.

EU long-term residents from other Schengen states

Persons who have already obtained the status as an EU long-term resident in any of the other Schengen states may apply for residence in the Netherlands as an independent entrepreneur . The EU long-term resident will not have to meet the MVV requirement (ergo he or she may apply for the residence permit directly here in the Netherlands and also legally await the outcome here).

In addition, the applicant will not need to show his entrepreneurial activity serves a Dutch economic interest. Ergo the application will not be reviewed by means of the so-called points system. In effect obtaining a residence permit for the applicant is therefore considerably easier than for independent entrepreneurs without the status of EU long-term resident.

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