Free access labor market family members foreign entrepreneurs

As of the first of January 2020, a new regulation will take affect for family members of foreign entrepreneurs, who are residing here in a business (self-employed) permit. Based on this regulation, the partners and spouses of the foreign independent entrepreneur will have free access to the Dutch labor market. 

According to the current regulation, family members of a foreign entrepreneur needs a work permit (TWV) or a combined residence and employment permit (GVVA) if they wish to work on the Dutch Labor market. For this reason, many foreign entrepreneurs decide not to continue their business in the Netherlands. 

In order to make it more attractive for foreign entrepreneurs to live here in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has decided to waive the abovementioned requirement. From 2020, family members of foreign self-employed entrepreneurs will therefore have free access to the Dutch labor market. They no longer need to be in possession of a work permit (TWV) or GVVA in order to be able to work in the Netherlands. 

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