Most applications foreign entrepreneurs rejected

Foreign entrepreneurs have a small chance of admission because the vast majority of residence applications are rejected. In a letter dated February 2, 2015 Secretary Teeven gives an explanation of this.

The Secretary of State remarks that 90% of applications for residence as an entrepreneur are from Turkish entrepreneurs. Almost all of them are rejected. According Teeven this is partly because the applications are incomplete. Furthermore, as a cause is given that many of the Turkish applicants aim to work in construction. This sector, according Teeven, has yet not climbed out of the crisis. The RVO (Government authority for entrepreneurial activities) considers the positive decisions of these applications will have a market and employment-disrupting effects.

Also for the high rejection rate of applications for foreign entrepreneurs from other countries is, according to Teeven, caused by the applicants themselves. The point system is clear, says Teeven. That many applications from foreign entrepreneurs are rejected is according Teeven due to poor estimates of the feasibility of the application by the the applicants.

We think this is a very one-sided approach to the problem. In our view many applications are rejected because they RVO has a very rigid and unwell-willing approach to these applications. Nor do we share Teeven’s of the opinion that the new Start-up scheme for novice foreign entrepreneurs is a good means flow through to the entrepreneurial residence permit. Our objection to this scheme is that it lacks clarity on a number of crucial points.

We do however strongly believe that a lot of rejections can be prevented by adequate and careful preparation of the application. Alt Attorneys can you be of service in advising you from the start about the admission requirements and guiding you throughout the application.

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