Re-opening Dutch embassies

After a long closing it looks like the Dutch embassies are slowly starting to open up again. In the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is was recently announced that the embassy in Bangkok has will resume consular services as of June 2nd.

Most embassies are indeed slowly resuming their ‘general’ activities. How and what, depends entirely on the local measures (which are quite diverse ..). India, for example, is now starting to relax the measures bit by bit, so the embassy in New Delhi is starting up, but not yet fully open for applications for MVV, among other things.

It is not yet clear when the embassies will open fully, as there is apparently no concrete plan for this yet (these are the words of the Ministry). If all goes well, more information will come up next week.

The same applies to embassies in China. The embassies of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing slowly started resuming general services in early June, but there is no concrete plan here either.

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