Reduction in application fees

With effect from 3 May 2018, the fees for a large number of residence applications will be reduced, in some cases this will even involve a substantial reduction in fees.

In a letter dated 29 March to the House of Representatives, the State Secretary announced the reductions in fees. According to the State Secretary, the cost price on which the current fees are based date from before the introduction of the Modern Migration Policy Act. According to the State Secretary, the introduction of the law has led to faster procedures and fewer administrative burdens for citizens and businesses, as well as fewer burdens for the government. That’s why the government recently recalculated new cost prices. As a result, a reduction in the fees.

Based on the results of the new cost price calculation, the State Secretary has decided that the fees will be reduced for a number of residence permits. However, fees that have a higher cost price than the current fee rate have been left undisturbed; no fees are therefore increased.

Below is an overview of the residence requests for which the fees are reduced.

ApplicationFeeNew fee
Self employed entrepreneur € 1.336€ 1.325
Highly skilled migrant€ 938€ 582
Stay as holder of the EU Blue Card€ 909€ 661
Seasonal work€ 802€ 570
Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT)€ 938€ 582
Work learning program (internship)€ 802€ 570
Study€ 321€ 192
Orientation year€ 641€ 285
Exchange, whether or not in the framework of a treaty€ 641€ 283
Exchange, Replacement and Missing€ 267€ 132
Extension€ 401€ 355
Recognized Sponsor € 5.345€ 3.861
Recognized Sponsor small business / start-up€ 2.672€ 1.930

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