Visa for Start-ups as of January 1st 2015

As of January 1, 2015 the new admission scheme for innovative start-ups will be in force. With the new scheme the government intends to make it more attractive and easier for starting entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to get a foot on land. Because Start-ups often have no detailed business plan, nor sufficient initial capital at their disposal, they do not get enough points under the point system to qualify for a residence permit as an independent entrepreneur. To accommodate this, the government has proposed a number of relaxations on the current regulations. The proposal for the admission regulations comes down to the following:

  • The permit is valid for up to one year under the restriction ‘self-employment’ is given only once and cannot be extended.
  • Start-ups need a facilitator who supports them. This is a condition for admission. Facilitators must be able to provide quality support to start-ups. To prevent abuse, facilitators should include a proven track record in supporting start-ups and be financially sound.
  • The National Office for Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO) provides advice to the IND on the roadmap of the start-up and the track record of the facilitator. A positive opinion is obligatory to grant the permit.
  • Start-ups may not rely on public funds.
  • After (at the latest) one year start-ups can apply for a permit as an independent (for which no facilitator is required).
  • The requirement that the means of financial income must come from self-employment are excluded from entrepreneurs. However, the resources must be sustainable and the alien must have the applicable standard amount.